What do all these artists have in common?
A MCM bag. If you haven’t noticed yet, MCM goods are common fashion items among Korean artists – from clothing to accessories.

MCM stands for Mode Creation Munich, and is originally a German Luxury brand founded by Micheal Cromer in Munich in 1975. But today it is based in South Korea and headed by chairman and CEO Sung-Joo with Michael Michalsky as its main designer. MCM has offices in eight countries and over 70 boutiques worldwide.

The most popular bag model among the calebs seems to be the backpack.

Okay now we’ve seen what kind of bag SNSD Seohyun, T-ara Eunjung and Jiyeon, Infinite L, Nam Gyuri, Lee Joon, Vanesse, Beast Kiwang and Hyungseung and Lee Minho prefers. I also went to their website and saw a few cute bags. =) Personally I am not really a fan of their signature pattern. But I do think their backpack looks pretty cool, especially with the studs.

The MCM bags are truly easy to spot on the streets of Seoul. It is, a bit pricey, but the material is mostly leather. I think a normal backpack is around 500-600 US dollar, maybe around 4000-5000 kr depending on which model you choose.

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