XIAO WEN JU for Marc Jacobs, l’espirit libre de Vuitton on MADAME FIGARO FRANCE AND CHINA

This is truly a rare site, an Asian model gracing the cover of a magazine outside Asia, even though it is not a solo shot. Xiao Wen Ju was seen on Madame Figaro France – March 2012 Issue, together with Julia Nobis, Frida Aasen, Romee Strijid, Magda Laguinge and Anais Mali for the editorial; Marc Jacobs, L’espirit Libre de Vuitton.

How Cool, even had a solo shot with the man himself, Marc Jacobs.

The Chinese version of Madame Figaro used the solo shot with Xiao Wen Ju and Marc Jocobs on their cover of June 2012 issue.

She looks fabulous on these shots!

Photographer: Rankin

Source: (Madame Figaro France)