Summer make-up

Say good-bye to the dull winter colours, and take inspiration from the colourful and fresh summer romance; light nude colours, colour eyeliner and gloss clear skin is the three key elements of the spring and summer make-up that will present a glow of charm and elegance.

Colour Eyeliner VS bare-colour eye shadow, to create the early morning spring make-up with the focus on the eyes.

Start by doing your regular foundation and base routine. Use a make-up base to create a transparent and moist skin. And don’t forget the sun protection.

Step1.Use a light gold eye shadow on the whole lid up to the eye brown.

Step 2. Use a brown eye shadow on the lid.

Step 3. Draw a thin line with a soft eyeliner pen, slightly raised to the end of the eye.

Step 4. Draw and shadow a blue-green shadow or eyeliner just under the lash line, slightly. Put Mascara on.

In Contrast with the light naked eyelid make up, the colours on the under lash line won’t look too exaggerated, and therefore works for the everyday-make up. Creates a more natural Smokey-eye effect.

Step 5. The colour of the rouge is not on the focus here; what we want is the “no colour” glossy effect. So look for a light coloured transparent rouge or just use a highlighter.

Step 6. Nude Colour lips

The result is a summer ready look.

Text: Sallyn

Makeup: Elaine Cheung, Estee Lauder

Hair: the Zap the Tang, Xenter Hair Salon

Photo: Eddie Tam

Source: (Jessica HK)

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