Summer times, means beach and a tons of outdoor activities. The hottest period of the summer is getting close (not that I really feel it here in Stockholm, but it will be here…eventually) and it is easy to neglect the sun protection in the midst of enjoying the sun. The sun protection is not only for Asians to prevent themselves from getting tanned. It is also a way to protect the skin for damage and aging! So do not spare the protective measures.

For normal outdoor stay, it is enough with SPF 30. It is recommended that the amount put on the nose and cheekbones should be thicker than the rest of the face, due to the fact that these parts are more prominent than the rest. If you normally get burned in 20 minutes, then using SPF 30 means that you will be safe 30 times that (you do the math :P).

Remember when buying sun protection, that SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor, and the number refers to the protection for UVB (the visual sunlight, the one we get a tanned of, redness, cancer etc.). The invisible sunlight that is associated with aging is UVA, Ultraviolet. If the sun protection also include the UVA protection, it will either clearly state that it is included with UVA protection, or it will be marked with the plus “+” symbol. The numbers of plus are indicating how strong the UVA protection is.

If you do a lot of outdoor activity, it is recommended to use SFP 50 PA +++, preferably waterproof. The choice of higher SPF products does not mean that you can reduce the time you need to put on the sun protection. You should re-put the sun cream after half an hour to two hours, to reduce the ultraviolet radiation.

Also note that the skin area around the eye are more sensitive to the sun due the it’s thinness, and makes it more vulnerable to UV damages, and prone to colour spots. Therefore it is good to take some sun protection measures on the eyes too. The regular facial sun protection doesn’t necessarily work on the eye area, it may even cause more damage. There is cream that is specially designed for young skin, so as not to cause unnecessary stimulation. Make up base with sun protection should be a suitable choice.

1. Laneige – Sun Block High Lasting SPF 50 PA+++ – 25 US dollar Yesstyle

[I personally use this one, It isn’t thick and deosn’t feel greasy or heavy]

2. Laneige Homme – Sun Protection SPF 50

[I don’t see the point of making sun protection especially for men. Especially this, sun protection body spray]

3. Etude House – Sun Gard SPF 35 PA +++

4. NARS – Tinted SPF 30

5. DECLÉOR – Aroma Sun Expert SPF 50

6. Skin Food – Green Coffee SPF 50 PA +++

7. Skin Food – SPF 50 PA +++

8. Missha – Safe Block Waterproof Sun SPF 50 PA +++

9. Neutrogena – Sun Cooling, Sun protection body mist SPF 70
[I use this one for the body, and it is super convenient and easy to spray and easy to use while on the run. But I am a little bothered by the smell]


Source: (Jessica HK)