It is sad to know that office women usually have to dress in boring outfits to comply with the company environment, consisting old-fashioned conservative rules, with either clothing choice or with make-up. Though make-up can be used in a more creative way. Here is a some make-up suggestion to use for the everyday low-key office make-up.

Type 1: Clerical Work

Office work require hours in front of the computer, and not necessarily regular contact with many people, such as administration, accounting, etc., so they don’t really pay attention anymore how to dress, or even care to do the make-up.

How to have the skills to break the doldrums?

The image of people engaging in these kind of work is often more serious and steady. So the make-up will be focus on the eyes. A little more eyeshadow, with cool colours, such as gray and purple. The eye liner will be slightly elongated, that gives away a strong look. Matched with a brown tone and matte rouge. The result will give you a mature and refined felling.

Type 2: In the Men’s World

It is old news that works related to IT, engineering or construction is male dominated.

How to have the skills to break the doldrums?

Just because we are in the field of the male domination doesn’t mean that we have to dress and look like a man to be respected. we surely can earn men’s respect while looking like a woman!
Pink toned based makeup is very suitable for this, to show charm in a low-key way. Pink pearl textured eye shadow makes eyes more sharp, don’t go too crazy with it though, matched with painted dark brown eyeliner. Brown eyeliner makes it feel more natural and not too exaggerated. Finish with a touch of pink rouge. The effect will be fresh, sweet and charming, but not overdone.

Type 3: Very Tradtional

If you are working in a old-fashioned company, there sure is a lot of grooming and annoying rules that has to be followed rigorously.

How to have the skills to break the doldrums?

In these kind of place, we suggest the nude colors. Light brown eye shadow with soft brown eyeliner matched with beige or peach-colored rouge. Lipstick or lipgloss can be peachy or nude color that is closed to your skin tone. A good way to pop out a bit is using a little highlighter to create a natural looking glow.

Source: (Cosmo girl Hong Kong)