Hong Kong Fashion Police

Oh Dear, I found this funny website called Hong Kong Fashion Police, and the fashion is sure cringe worthy! haha check some of the pics here:

OMG, this picture is HILARIOUS! I am not very sure about the 2000’s though, Haha What in the word is Eason wearing? Some kind of “Ruler” training cloths.

These men have taken the man bags to the new level.(well props for the shoes at least)

trench coat, clutch and mosquito eyes sunglasses + pose, I am almost a little speechless.

The guys love the Hermes bag it seems.

I am not sure about these stockings….

Oh Raymond Leung, Raymond Leung….Wasn’t it enough with your shorts, but matching with those boots? I admire your confidence  though.


Remember the Pyjamas fashion we talked about? This is literally pyjamas fashion! The sad thing is, it is not uncommon seeing people walking like this in China.

Don’t tell me these thing is “in” in Hong Kong, No wonder they don’t like my style over there. Lol

All Pictures credit to:
Source: (HkFashionPolice)