Fashion Designer Roberto Cavalli Blogs about 2NE1

We know that 2NE1 have been faithfully working with their friend Jeremy scott, wearing his cloths and outfits for several music videos and events. For 2NE1’s latest video “I Love You” they are dressed in Roberto Cavalli’s collection.

Roberto Cavalli dedicated a blog post to the ladies:

“2NE1, korean music girl group, have chosen to wear Roberto Cavalli clothes for the video of their new single ‘I Love You’. The song is already at the top of the music charts in Asian countries and has recently had a great success in the West.”

They were wearing Cavalli’s designs on the performance of the song as well:


I love the colors on Park Bom’s Balmain dress.

If you haven’t checked their latest MV yet for “I Love you”, here you go:

Source: (Roberto Cavalli’s blog)(Lp 2ne1)