Glow Like A Model – Beauty Applications on Iphone

Want to Glow and have a fair skin like a model in your photos? of course you do! To lazy to fix it in Photoshop? No problem. With today’s smart phone it’s easy to take self-cams (aka self-whoring) and do the photo editing right in your phone! you don’t need to be a genius to figure how things works out. Most of the apps have good user interface only requiring common knowledge to understand. So no biggie. So I will list a few of the photo editing apps I am using (for Iphones, some of them might be in Android as well):

This is one of my favorite apps by far, because they are fixing your skin complexion and give your skin the glowy and even skin tone you see in the magazine! The only problem is, it’s looks a little to obvious, but play with the settings a bit, and maybe you will find a result that is less fake. But I really like this app, because my skin tone is really horrible, it makes my skin look white and milky.

2. GifRus
Recently I’ve started to use this app quite a lot. There is a beauty function here as well, but also other kind of effects like, vintage filter. You can also play with the lighting and add boarders as well. There is also a Gif function (haven’t really tried that out yet).

3. Mei Tu Xiu Xiu
It’s a Chinese app, but don’t worry, I can’t read Chinese either and I find this app really good, it has tons of filters, but also lighting filters/bookeh that not many free apps offers for Iphone.

4. Pudding Cam
It’s a Korean app, but you can pretty much guess how it works. Not as much beauty as the other apps offer, but nice for vintage kind of feel.

5. PhotoWonder

Well this is photo editing on on a higher level! I just got this one introduced recently by our dear Fanylize. Here you can use the liquified function, just like photoshop, allowing you to slim your face, nose whatever, make your eyes look bigger, remove acne and so on.

So now you can do your own magazine cover with your phone =)
I don’t know what the Android market has to offer, but what’ve heard, they have more free apps compared to AppStore, So just enter keywords such as; Beauty, Beauty app, makeover etc etc. I am sure there is tons!

Here are the pics of the apps I use, as you can see I am a sucker for all these apps, haha Do you have any favorite beauty app you use?