Wearing Heels Without Wearing Heels – Be & D

To be short ain’t a crime. Being short and not wearing heels is not a crime either. But if you watch Top Model (like I do) they always complain that you always need to wear heels, especially if you are short. Okay, So I am not a model, but somehow I felt kind of bad when one of the judges told the “short” model; IF I was short like you I would wear heels all the time.

I love heels! they are just so pretty, make you feel tall, and the legs usually looks amazing in heels. The problem is, it is so very uncomfortable. Be & D have launched sneakers with Heels print. I think it’s a fun idea, but I don’t think I would really buy it. There is no way faking it like that.

Big City Sneaker – White sneaker with pink heel print, there is actually various colors to choose from.

Skeleton Sneaker – They also have this x-ray version of skeleton heels

Pistol Sneaker – and the Hidden Gun print.

If you are ordering from their website, the price is 128 US dollar (cirka 900 kr)

I am thinking, Should I put  insoles in my sneakers? I see kpop artist do that all the time. I think it would be good to put a pair of insoles in my converse shoes :P There is even shoes with hiddens heels already. From what I remember I think I saw one from ALDO.

Source: (Cosmo Girl Hong Kong)(Be & D)