Weird Fashion

There is a fine line between what fashion represents and what are just plain weird clothing pieces. Fashion is like art. There are no rules on what’s right or wrong, but the current trend sets the bare of what is acceptable and what is not. Just like art, one weird piece of art/cloths can contain a deeper meaning or thought behind it, or just straight up random. Just like art, if just one person find this piece of art worth the money, the value of the price will rise sky high even though a 6 year old could’ve make something similar. We just need one person that is influential in the fashion world, to make one weird item the IT factor.

Fashion is art, and art comes in many forms. I understand that some designers want something ground breaking, outside the box, since the competition is skyrocket high in the fashion industry.
But these pictures below are three dimensions outside the box (the world, universe). Instead of fashion I think it’s just contemporary art walking down the runway. There is no way of understanding contemporary art in a sane state of mind.

Tell me this is actually a pokémon….

What is up with the hat with the knifes, what message is he trying to convey here?

Even if cosmo girl Hk list this outfit as some kind of ongoing trend, I wouldn’t wear that jean-leg thingy for the world. Is it the trend to go to the fish market?

Yes we need to protect our priceless face and scare away ghost and evil spirits as we go.

No wonder the model looks pretty bitter and unhappy, the clown has taking over her body!

I almost wish I could actually see someone on the street with these two last outfits, I will hold in my laughter and then walk to them and compliment them for their unique fashion sense and then take a pictures with them.

everyone wants a chanel bag, but to this extent?
I know though that “paper bag” trend was here a short period, but knew it wouldn’t stay long, honesty, how cool is it really walking around with a paper bag.

Here are someone note-worthy outfits, enjoy the freakshow!

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