Actress Yoon Jin Yi as Lovcat’s new Muse

If you have watched the F40 Ahjussis from A Gentleman’s Dignity, then you probably recognise Yoon Jin Yi as Maeri, a young girl hopelessly in love with one of the gentlemen in the drama. She received much love for her role as Maeri. Lovcat revealed the reason behind choosing Yoon Jin Yi as the muse is because “The brand Lovcat and the image of Yoon Jin Yi match very well. Also coincidentally, the color bags that Yoon Jin Yi used in the drama were mostly Lovcat brand bags.

Lovcat Paris is one of our favorite bag brands from Korea, and of course we already mentioned them once before (click here)(I still think the “Paris” part is a bit weird, due to the fact that the brand is indeed from Korea, but I guess it makes it sound more luxury with Paris, haha they should consider changing the name to “Lovcat Seoul”, Seoul is after all one hella fashion city, maybe not famous for the luxury brands, but for the chic and fresh fashion.)

Here is some preview from the new photoshoot for the new collection.

Omg I love this bag in this picture <3

Additional pictures for “A Gentleman’s dignity” fans, and this cute couple Yoon and Maeri, for High Kick. Even though I should feel he was a bit peddo, I think they were cute together (i am half way through the drama :P)

1. Trendy 149 (Lime green backpack) – 588.000 won

2. Soft 78 (two colours) – 498.000 won (~2925 Swedish kronor)

3. Trendy 142 – 648.000 won (~3806 Swedish kronor)

4. Soft 78 – 598.000 won (~3512 Swedish kronor)

5. Soft 78 – 588.000 won (~3453 Swedish kronor)

6. Basic 16 – 228.000 won (~1339 Swedish kronor)

7. Soft 79 – 598.000 won (~3512 Swedish kronor)

8. Hyoni – 558.000 won (~3277 Swedish kronor)

Source: (Korean Portal)(tumblr)(Lovcat official website)