P3 Swedish Radio Station <3 K-POP?

K-pop is spreading like fire. Two days ago I was checking my Facebook, and saw that my friend wrote as a Facebook update that k-pop was broadcasting from P3, the Swedish radio station. I was indeed a bit surprised. Haha I know that there is a handful of k-pop fans like myself in Sweden, but I never though it was big enough for a k-pop request to be accepted in the Swedish media. But I did hear a Japanese song once.

On the same day I was checking my Twitter (yes I know, I am a social media sucker), my old classmate from secondary high school tweeted that she was jamming to PSY’s Gangnam Style. This old classmate of mine, NOT for one second did I think she would like K-pop any day soon. But I know she likes to play video games and computer games, so I have my reason to believe that maybe she plays Starcraft, and “famous” Starcraft players that is streaming while playing usually plays their K-pop music list (due to the fact that they are Korean), so if she was watching any of those videos she would probably hear this song. So many Starcraft players have been brainwashed with this song (or any kpop songs), even my brother and he is brainwashing me too with “Gangnam Style” so I just mindlessly digging the song. Haha

This was the playlist P3 had (och Ja, jag har åsikter om listan, låt mig):
PSY – Gangnam Style
BIGBANG – Fantastic Baby (Love this song, best song for Party or what)
2NE1 – I Love You (uuh, I would have chosen a better song from 2NE1, like Lonely, Ugly,….they have many songs, I don’t like “I love you”.)
SHINee – Sherlock (My choice: Lucifer, but Lucifer is a song you have to listen to at least 2-3 times before you take any liking to it haha)
EXO-K – Angel (Why Angel? I have to think hard of which song it is….I don’t remember…., I think MACHINE would have been a better choice.)
F(X) – Electric Shock (-______-)
Super Junior – Sorry Sorry (Yeah this one is good :P)
SISTAR – Alone (Good one)
Girls’ Generation – The Boys
B.A.P – No Mercy
Ailee – Heaven (Brainwashed myself with this song, haha)
B1A4 – Beautiful Target
F.T. Island – Love Love Love (Yeah, they have so many good song, hard to choose)
CN BLUE – Hey You (hm…..I think I would’ve chosen a Japanese song from them, and they will soon hold a solo concert in London, Aigoo, I do want to go)
BEAST – Beautiful Night (My Choice: Fiction)

I am a little disappointed, I see B1A4, B.A.P, EXO-K, but why is there no INFINITE (they sure have some good songs, rising Idol group as well), 2PM (old songs are good), Epik High (okay they maybe doesn’t count as K-pop.., K-hiphop?)

De borde anställa mig som K-pop DJ på P3 haha (wishful thinking), borde slänga in lite C-pop och J-pop/rock också. Vi får hoppas att det kommer flera sådana K-pop listor härdanefter

Spread the Love <3

PSY – Gangnam Style:

Big Bang – Fanastic Baby:

2NE1 – I love you:

Shinee – Sherlock

EXO-K – Angel

F(x) – Electric Shock

Super Junior – Sorry Sorry

Sister – Alone

Girls Generation – The Boys

B.A.P – No Mercy

Ailee – Heaven

B1A4 – Beautiful Target

F.T Island -Love Love Love

C.N Blue – Hey You

BEAST – Beautiful Night

Source: (P3 Sveriges Radio)(Youtube)