Ombre Hair on our Asian Idols

The Ombre hair trend is taking the celeb world by storm, you can see various calebs in Hollywood sporting the look, and of course the Asian world is not slow with the trend, if not way ahead. Remember F(X) during their debut days? and I thought it looked weird back then (pay special attention to Krystal’s colouring lol). let’s go even further back, remember Micky Yoochun from back in the DBSK days, he sure is not the one afraid of trying new “trendy” hairstyles. Fashion usually is way ahead in Asia compared to here (Scandinavia).

Ombre hair refers to gradual lighting of the hair strand, usually fading from a darker color near the roots to a lighter to the ends. But even more popular these days fading in to a strong colour, like red and blue. In most cases this occurs naturally after someone has gone too long between touch-ups, but these days it happens purposefully.

There is various DIY techniques surfing on the net, and tons of videos already on Youtube teaching you how to do it at home.

Here are some Asian calebs sporting the Ombre hairstyle:

Big Bang G-dragon – The hairstyle that was the talk for a while, The seaweed hair combined with the ombre style. Admit that only GD can do something like this haha

F(X) – from their debut days, I thought the hair was weird back then, but now, can’t be more fashionable.

Michy Yoochun – Micky during the DBSK days (oh How I miss it. Not the hair though, these days his drama filming is preventing him from doing anything drastic with his hair. Hallelujah)

Taeyeon from SNSD – both in long hair and in short hair.

Jolin Tsai – Taiwan’s sexy diva is doing her comeback in the ombre hairstyle. I must say at first look I thought it was a foreigner in the blond hair lol

Super Junior Leeteuk- I don’t really know if this count as Ombre…he only did his bangs. Then maybe I should look for Shinee’s Key colourful bangs too.

2NE1 Sandara Park and Park Bom – Of course 2NE1 had to do the ombre hair their own way, Pink hair fading to purple. One colourful head. I like the colour combination :P

Seo In Young – Another Diva doing the ombre hair for her comeback

GNA – for her music video

Any favorite?