Autumn Fashion with Cosmo Girl Hong Kong

Style 1

Popular item for autumn and winter weather is of course the cozy and classic knitwear. Matching it with summer items, like a short skirt or shorts for the early autumn weather. Matched with flats or heels. Cosmo matched it with socks and heels. Personally I am not a fan of the-socks-and-heels trend that is going on in Asia, especially seen in Japanese and taiwanese fashion. But it works here, and gets you warmer when the weather is getting more colder.

Items seen on this outfit:
The Items on the pictures:
MONKI red knit pullover $ 350
MONKI light pink blouse $ 200
MILK & HONEY beige & white dot printed skirt $ 829
IZZUE black leather gloves (TBC)
STEVE MADDEN silver glitter gladiator sandals (TBC)

Style 2

The second look is called “look tall in flats” – omg! Is that possible. Of course you can dress yourself “Tall”. The slim pants, that’s “ultra-narrow” towards the end, that expose a little more than your usual pants will create an illusion of a taller height, matched with neat flats. Cosmo Girl even called this Supermodel body type ready. Haha

Items seen on this picture:
Jessica RED brown tiger printed sweater $ 989
IZZUE white denim jacket $ 899
ISABEL MARANT black leather cropped pants $ 17,799
as know as de base black & white zebra printed flats $ 899
SUPER black sunglasses $2,180

Style 3

We all know how boring office attire can be, in order to add a little fashion frangrance, the little extra to the boring outfits, to bring the outfit to a fashion level without “dressing down” is to choose a accessories to lift the outfit up, like a strong colored handbag, or statement accessories for necklace, bracelets or earrings. Here Cosmo Girl chose a bright pink handbag and dark green socks. Well this is not really what I call office attire, doesn’t really work in a bank for example. But if your office is a little more casual, then go for it!

Items seen in this outfit:
3.1 Phillip Lim white shirt (TBC)
3.1 Phillip Lim off-white waistcoat $ 7,290
3.1 Phillip Lim navy blue skirt $ 4,290
Venilla suite black & white oxford shoes $ 1,399
Carta Papier shocking pink paper handbag $ 979

Style 4

Casual autumn style; with the checked red poncho, black leggings and ankle boots. Casual, laid-back and simple, yet stylish and charming.

Items seen on this outfit:
3.1 Phillip Lim white shirt (TBC)
Jessica RED black & red plaid cape $ 1,799
Jessica RED black motorcycle leggings $ 699
STEVE MADDEN black studded Chelsea boots

Style 5
“Funky” Sweater

Since the fashion brand BALENCIAGA started with their science fiction pattern shirts, we began to focus on the interesting pattern clothing design. In addition to the imitation of vintage rock and sci-fi pattern, we can also see that fashion brands like KENZO, Jill Sander animal patterned shirt/sweater.

Items seen on this outfit:
Jessica RED blue fox printed sweater $ 989
IZZUE black leather gloves (TBC)
COS white pencil skirt (TBC)
COS white flannel trousers (TBC)
Venilla suite golden leather lace-ups $ 999

Style 6
ladies leather

Leather is back IN again. There have been several associations linked to rock and punk when thinking of leather outfits. But the key is to mix and match, and not solely go all in on leather. Leather jacket matches with every outfits these days, and is almost a fashion-must here in Europe, and perfect to keep out the autumn winds.

Items seen in this outfit:
3.1 Phillip Lim white shirt (TBC)
b + ab black leather biker jacket (TBC)
PAUL & JOE brown loose-fit trousers $ 4,800
SUPER patterned sunglasses $ 3,950
tout a coup plastic belt with golden buckle $ 299
STEVE MADDEN red pumps (TBC)

Any outfit you could wear? Personally I like outfit 1 and 2 the best.

Source: (Cosmo Girl Hong Kong)